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Proud new owner of a '96 CE 383



Well I can finally now say that Im a Corvette owner. My first Vette. This car moves. It has a 383 Lingenfelter LT4. Saw the dyno charts and has 391 HP at the rear wheels. Awesome chrome wheels. I'll put up some pictures when I take them this weekend. I am very happy :)
Welcome to the Corvette Action Center, Proud new owner of a '96 CE 383

guessguy said:
I'll put up some pictures when I take them this weekend. I am very happy :)

That's awesome, Guessguy!!! The LT4 CE is definately among my favorite of any corvettes ever produced. And to have a Lingenfelter 383 in it - that would be incredible. Needless to say, I'm now your biggest fan. ;) If you're ever in the Detroit area, come take me for a ride! :s

So, how many miles on it? What color interior? Give us some details!

Its a seibring silver.. Check all these mods to it. Its got Bilstien racing shocks. Brembo 14" brakes. Borla's. 315/35/17 Yokohoma's on the back and 275's on the front. Larger oil pan, oil cooler. modified ignition system (can't remember the name)... There are still mods on the car that Im not familiar with entirely. Will post more details as I learn myself.
Welcome to the forums Guessguy! 391RWHP is awesome! It sure sounds like you have a keeper on your hands. I cant wait to see the pic's.

Major problems with my purchase - need advise

Well after only owning the Vette for 5 days, the crankshaft cracked on me. The engine is pulled from the car. I just got back from the mechanics, and he thinks the main bearings are worn and might need a block machining. This is will cost about $4500 to repair. What are my options here? I bought this car used from a private deal. Can I sue him? Can I get my money back? This is not right after spending so much money on a car and having it break down after 5 days..! can anyone advise?

very depressed owner. :confused :eek:
Man, that ticks me off just reading your post:mad
By any chance is the motor under warranty? I know Lingenfelter puts a 2 or 3 year warranty on his motors. Lingenfelter should have that car on file somewhere. I'm sure they could dig up the info if you supply a VIN# or something.

Jay, Lingenfelter didn't do the actual work on the motor, the previous owner only bought the parts and had it done locally here in Toronto. I just talked with a lawyer and sounds like Im $hit out of luck. There is no way to prove that the previous owner had knowledge of this before selling it. I even had it checked out at the GM dealer and he put it on the computer and hoist, and test drive. That doesn't help my case either.
I think Im screwed. I have to take out a bank loan just to pay for the repairs... ahhhh.. why did I buy a used car for so much money..???
guessguy said:
ahhhh.. why did I buy a used car for so much money..???

I asked myself the same question..... :)

Sorry to hear the bad news guessguy. My only suggestion would be to get a few different estimates from some area speedshops. Hopefully you can make the car stronger than when you first bought it. Good luck & keep us posted.......


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