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putting on horn button retainer, and cap



how do you get the horn emblem, and retainer, and cap to stay on? Tried to put one on, it it kinda fell apart. Do you have to flare out anything to make them all stay together? Do you know ehat i mean?
Fun EH

Yes I had a little trouble with mine. I un hooked the Battery so the horn wouldn't blow I held the retainer up with 2 screw drivers and pushed the horn button down on it.
horn button

what year is your car? I have a 74, mine has a two piece horn. The outer piece has metal retainers that fit into the steering column, the inner piece is the emblem. My emblem fell out when I was redoing my interior last weekend. I used some liquid soldier to hold it in, let it set up over night and wholla like new! The outer piece I just pressed back into sterring column and took flashlight to insure clips were in right spot.

Wamp '74
J & B Weld to the rescue!

My 1980 is like Wamps's 74, to replace the cracked emblem I had to destroy the 3 rivets that held the three pieces together, then clean and lightly sand the parts for good adhesion and put the 3 pieces back together using the great "J & B Weld" two-part epoxy method.

be carefull not to use too much epoxy, or it may squeeze out past the emblem to the visible part of the button.

This epoxy works GREAT if you follow the directions closely. Remove all grease, oil, silicone, whatever.

Hope this is what your talking about.

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