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radiator problem 92 LT1



Can anyone help me with a problem i have with my 92 6 speed coupe? My radiator developed a pin hole leak, so instead of repairing it, I had a company in Australia where i live build me a new aluminium cor and use my existing header tanks. This company has a good reputation for building radiators for our V8 supercar racing. Once i had installed it everything seemed fine till one day it started leaking heavily from what i beleive is the seal on the header tank on what you would call the passenger side of the radiator. I had them replace the seal and it worked fine for a couple of drives and then it leaked again. The problem the car only gets driven on weekends and in good weather only so its sits for up to a month sometimes. The leak does not show itself when you first install the radiator but generally the next time you go to drive it. I had this fixed 3 times and with the last ime they actually put a new aluminum tank on the troublesome side. Iam worried about driving the car distances now and wondering whether there could be some kind of pressure build up beyond normal? The repairer has suggested its over pressurising and that i may have a blown head gaskey but the i have had it checked and alls fine. The car has never run cooler in its life with fitting the new radiator. Am i not bleeding the system of air bubbles could i have a crook thermostat or what. Any help would be apreciated. This description is only breif i know but the car has been fantastic till now. I live in australia and love my vette. so if you need more details let me know?
John F


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Sep 16, 2000
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My suggestion would be to never just replace the core. Replace the entire unit because chances are, if the core is shot, the header tanks may not be far behind. Save yourself the hassle and put a new radiator in.

Paul G

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Aug 27, 2001
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The LT1 is a reverse flow cooling system. When you refill the system it has to be bled out. There are bleeders on the throttle body, and bypass hose that must be opened to let air out as coolant is flowing in. If this is not done the system will not be completely full of coolant.

Even after the initial refill with coolant you may need to top it off after the first test drive.

Good luck

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