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rear axle seals



well im going o be picking my car up from the mechanic tommarow, I stop down to see it today and all was going well except...

He claims I need new rear axle seals. He claims you need to drop the entire rear suspension to get at these and Im looking at a 400 to 500 bill.

I have no knowledge in this area, does this sound right ?? And how bad or a thing is this too drive on, as Im not really planning on addressing it till this winter. That is unless I need too.
He would need to drop the rear end to replace the seals, as the yokes need to be removed. You let something like this go and it winds up leading to more problems
Hey JB, I agree with the BigFish...

The seals are there to keep lubricants in and contaminants out. If they're bad, they won't be doing their job and the loss of lube's and addition of crud can do a lot of harm that will wind up being very costly.

I know that is not what you wanted to hear...sorry. I'd plan on having this done within a few weeks and not wait for winter, unless you won't be driving it.
How many miles do you have on the car. If there are a lot then while he has it out there are a lot of things that maybe should be replaced. Like the clutch pack and even the yokes could be worn on the ends. Make sure this guy knows the early vetts or he won't know what to kook for.
While it's apart you should have the wheel bearings packed and possibly the emerg.brake rebuilt,in the longrun it'll be cheaper since everything will already be apart,instead of paying twice to have it torn down.

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