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Rear defroster problem


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Sep 23, 2001
Ooltewah, Tennessee
2002 Pewter Coupe
When I turn on the rear defroster, I get the dash light, the rear view mirror defrosts, yet, the rear window does not. I have checked the circuit breaker (#48) and it looks fine. The wires in the hatch supports look fine. Is there a place where the wire in the hatch support plugs into? I had bumped the right support and it was loose in the slot. Is it possible to have unplugged the wire? There has to be someplace where the wire plugs into as you don't cut the wires to remove the hatch. How difficult is it to get to where the support attaches to the car? I would aappreciate any thoughts on this. Driving me crazy... Hate to go to the dealer if it's something simple.:w :xmas
Rear Defrost 2002

Would also like an answer on this one. Rear defroster on '02 Z06 doesn't work at all. Like you, hate to hit the dealership unless absolutely necessary...
I don't have the answer either. Cool rear
graphics. Are they for real, or a little 'poetic
license' for this form?

Good luck


Got bored one day and made it in PaintSHop Pro. made some iron on stickers for some golf shirts and some other things. Thought it looked good......of course I could be wrong...:upthumbs
Update for you:
Just got back from the dealer where I had the service department look and see why the defroster wasn't working. Took em about 2 hours and the problem was with the right hatch support where it is supposed to attach to the body, was not attached at the factory correctly and the housing was unscrewed and the opening and closing of the hatch eventually cut the wire to the defroster. Part was replaced, wire fixed and defroster works. Take a look at the hatch supports at the bottom and make sure that it looks like it's screwed in....
Did they do it for free?

Or did they nail ya?

Covered under the warranty......yippee....don't ya love it when that happens...

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