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rear end noise



Chris,guess what?

on the way home I developed a new problem for use to diagnose after the holidays.There is a new nouis,a heavy clunk(like gears missing the mesh then popping into place)that only happens when I change lanes slowly to the left or turn left after a stop

Any ideas from you or the forum would surely help eas my mind.
I don't need anything to distract me at this time:hb
Hey shark,

Thanks for the threads.I went over them and got some great options to look at.

Thanks much.((yep,, being close to Chris is a godsend)):xmas
Rear End Noise Oh man, Ken. These guys just make this too easy, huh? I know I should try to be more helpful, but where's the Gas X? :L :L
Sorry to hear about that.

Well, at least is should be narrowed down to either the diff itself, U-joints, or maybe bushings. I hope and pray it is not the wheel bearings as they are a pain to replace.

Hey, we were thinking about having the diff reworked anyway. Maybe it just wants to be tops on the list of "to do" items.

Thanks for all of your help this last Saturday. I am very close to having a complete 1982 delay wiper harness in my hands in the next couple of days. If that does not get me on the right track, then...............................I guess i will try something else.

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