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Rear end torque



I am a first time owner of a corvette and aquired a 1987 in great condition with 204K miles. When I depress the accelerator at any speed, the rear end seems to "shift" left. When I let off the accelerator at any speed it seems to "settle" to the right. It feels like only the rear end no front end movement is felt. It also is only a slight movement. I don't know if it is due to torque or something loose in the rear end (handling and cornering are unaffected.) Has anyone experienced this before?
Well, if the car has 204,000 miles and shifts right then left as you are on and off the throttle, I'd question the car being in "good" condition.

With that kind of mileage, you need to look at all the rear suspension components, particularly control arm bushings, for wear. Also, don't forget the wheel bearings.

Actually, with such high mileage you ought to rebuild both the front and rear susensions.
I had to replace my right rear tie rod end at 150,000 and my left rear tie rod end at 175,000 for that exact reason.
Thats all I ever replaced on suspension.
Mine stays straight as an arrow under all types of acceleration.
Yes i agree it is in the rear suspension sounds like you car is dogtracking i have the same problem with mine and there are to rear end mounts(dog bones) near the tires and the rubber bushing inside is shot you can jack up rear and pry the tire side to side with a big bar and watch for the movment.
Please excuse me for being ignorant but what specifically are the rear end mounts or "dog ears"?
They are called dog bones because the look like bones a mounting hole at each end with rubber inside. they are mounted to the rear end by the wheel on both sides the go upardward into the body and if you move you tire front to back in the air you will see them move. And if you are going to replace them make sure you tighten them with the car loaded(on the tires) not on stands or when suspension returns they will twist and maybe tear.
I still maintain the most usual item that goes first because of wear are the rear tie rod ends.
They also have grease fittings that get missed often.
When they get worn and loose the toe in and out changes, especially when under torque.
I know for my 89 there is a recall for the rear tie rods so they should have been replaced so chck for 87 i am not sure if there is a recall for that year but will check.
Thanks Keith. :gap

As for the 6-speed, well maybe Keith, just maybe. ;)

_ken :w

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