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Rear Hatch Weather Stripping



I had already bid on and won the rear hatch weather stripping for 105.00, when I read the thread about not using "after market" weatherstripping with the ensuing horror stories. I was ready to send it back just about the time it arrived.
I got to tell you....this was the easiest, fastest and nicest thing I have done to my car. It took all of 15 minutes to take the old one off, clean the area then install a perfect fitting weatherstrip around the rear hatch, I could not believe how easy it was to replace. My thanks goes to the folks I got it from. I will be buying the rest of the weatherstripping from them. Hands down the best deal I could find....and it went together so nice I had time to wax the ole girl and sit back and enjoy a few bud lights....

For those interested send an email to this address and tell them Ray sent you....you won't regret it.(parts4corvettes@mindspring.com)

Now if I can only talk them into commission.....:cool :beer :w


I'm not familiar with the pricing, so how much did you save compared to OEM? Thanks for the heads up!



A few of the catalogs wanted upwards of 180.00 for the same piece...

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