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Rear spring bushings


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Mar 28, 2001
Fort Worth, Texas
1972 Corvette (C3) LT1
Hello Everyone ,on a 72 is there anything i need to do when replacing the bushings on the rear leaf spring,or when i take out the bolt can i slip the new bushings in ,and will the bolt and nut go together with out a c clamp of some kind?:confused thanks EYESOFTEX
Ok ready.........GO!

Jack up car,
Use additional jack to take load off rear leaf spring ( one side at a time )

Remove nut & bolt

Remove old crap, put NEW in.

Lower additional jack.

repeat as needed

Thanks Vigman

thanks vigman for the input . i Didn`t want everything to pop apart, EYESOFTEX:s
No prob, your very welcome

When this flys apart..IT HURTS
Do it like this and Bada Bing
Your done,

I'd like to expand a bit on this rear spring cushion replacement issue.

While all mean well, I think some take the safety issue here just a bit lightly. While replacemet of the cushions is a DIY job if you've got the right tools and care, it can be dangerous.

They key task is relieving spring tension on the cushions so you can get the bolt out. The generally-accepted technique is to support the rear of the car on jack stands, pull the rear wheels, then use a floor jack or a hydraulic bottle jack to raise and hold-up the end of the leaf spring while you pull out the bolt.

A problem sometimes comes with the main leaf being at an angle and not flat to the jack pad causing the jack to slip sideways as you lift. Once you place the jack and begin to jack it up, you want to watch very carefully for any jack slippage. The higher you move the jack, the more spring tension you have. If the jack slips and pops out, either don't be in the way or have good health insurance.

Once everything is safe and the spring is up, remove the cotter pin and nut, withdraw the spring bolt and change the cushions. My personal choice for those cushions are polyurethane such as what Vette Brakes sells but OE rubber is ok.

On cars with rear stabilzer bars, you might need to move some of the bar hardware out of the way.
Yes Hib your 100% correct!

Saftey is important,

Eye's remember... you just need enough lift to relieve tension, and you can use a 2X4 chunk of wood between the Jack & the spring so you get a little bit of crunch into the wood from the top of the jack to the bottom of the spring.. this will help secure it.

One of the most common sense suggestions that I have heard is to take a C-clamp and a small block of wood and clamp the wood to the spring on the uphill side of the jack. This should eliminate the jack wanting to slip along the spring surface.

Thanks you everymuch got the bushing in took a little heat to get the nuts off they were rusted bad.but the ride is much softer now and it raised the car up some ,looks pretty good:Roll EYESOFTEX

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