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Rear spring



In 1982 did RPO FE7 (gymkhana susp) come with glass mono leaf or multi-leaf steel?????
The FE-7 cars in 82 were equipped with a steel rear leaf spring. Some sayit was a 9 leaf, but on my
82 CE FE-7 it's equipped with a factory 7 leaf spring GM Part# 14021604. BTW this spring has been discontinued from GM.
Thanks for the info GS. mine is a 7 leaf also (82 non CE) Where con you get one of these should you need to???

If you need a 7 leaf spring get one here; http://www.guldstrand.com/ I ordered one and love it. A friend of mine ordered a 7 leaf from another vendor, cost about $99 and the fit is terrible. The spring is too wide(length wise) and is only about 1/4" away from rubbing the inside of his rims, it rubbed a groove on his wheel weights. Remember the old saying, "You get what you pay for."

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