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Rear Springs


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Mar 28, 2001
Fort Worth, Texas
1972 Corvette (C3) LT1
My 72 needs Rear springs/or/ spring and shocks, Which ones to use for a week end driver.I`m looking for a comfortable ride?
With a car like that there's only one reason why you'd need a new spring and that's if your existing one is broken or damaged.

As for the nice ride, the best ride you're going to get will come from stock or OE-eqivalent aftermarket shocks. Do not install shocks intended for high-performance driving or racing.

Lastly, it was not stated if this car has heavy-duty suspension or not. If it does, there will be a significant ride improvement if you downgrade to the base springs and stabilizer bars.

Thanks Everyone I`ll Sick With stock Equip. Eyesoftex:)

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