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rear window louvers



trying to figure out what to do with the rear window louvers that came w/my '81 (the guy had never actually put them on the car), does anyone out there use these? I don't think i like them aesthetically on the car and was thinking of pitching them. thoughts or pictures anyone?
Why don't you advertize the rear lovers in the Generation Marketplace there has been interest in them in past threads.Some people like them and they keep the suns rays out, especially in Florida.
"Rear window louvers"

Lytemup. Which style do you have. the one piece Crager type, or the three piece Astra-Hammond type. The latter is still being made in Canada. I like the three piece myself. Painted the same color as your car. JCL
Had em on a 300 turbo. Thought they detracted from the car. Maybe Im just a purist:_rock not to mention I couldn't see out the rear :xmas
window louvers

Sis had them on a '77 Camaro. (beat to h-e-double-hockey-sticks) I didn't like their looks.

Maybe my opinion would be different if I saw some well-cared-for louvers in application. My ears perked up when JCL suggested painting them the body color....
i believe they are the three piece type, but i'm not sure how they come apart. they were made by "Kobel - San Antonio Texas" and have a date of May '83 on them. they are black, and so is my '81, but I think i may take the suggestion on the generation marketplace.

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