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Is there any way to tell if the steering column repair has been done on a car purchased used
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You should be able to have your local Chevrolet Dealer run the VIN and see if the recall was done. They can enter it into their computer system and find out for ya.

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Welcome to CACC. Also, when the dealer does a recall on a car they put a sticker under the hood to let people know that they recall was done. That is what the dealer did with my Vette for the recall. They put the sticker on the drivers side wheelwell. Check under the hood first. Good luck.
DkBG said:
Is there any way to tell if the steering column repair has been done on a car purchased used

Go down to Maxtons and ask my wife, Chris, in service to pull it up on the computer.

Just noticed that you are from Butler. I can't think of who you are though. I work there (Air Products) But other that visiting my Dad I don't hange around much.

Thanks Tom , I'll do that . I have a Butler address but seldom have a reason to go there .
Hey Tom I took my car in to Maxtons the other day . Your wife was very helpful . A really nice lady !
:L She's nice to me sometimes too. As you probably saw for yourself, she is what makes that place work.


P.S. Is this right? My wife has actually met another CAC member face to face but I haven't.:confused
I guess we'll have to do something about that one day soon !
One quick way to see if the campaign was odne on an auto is see if the column still locks if it does not and you do not have any warning messages then the campaign was done the 6spd you would have to see if there has been a change to the wiring at the BCM and a black relay installed above the BCM instead of the gray, you can't always go by stackers some fall of others never get put on a VSS would be a good check but you would have to stop by the dealer and have it looked up, but even then I have seen dealers charge GM but never do the campaign but this is not common but does happen. A auto get disabled but you could still hear the motor working, but the 6spd got a revised accuator and revised wiring and relay for the accuator enable relay.

David Fulcher

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