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removed airco but still a heater/no powerwindows?



Is there anybody who has permaned removed his arico (because of the powerloss and weight in the front) and his powerwindows (make it manual)

Tell me.
Airco and power windows

Your biggest problem in removing the ac will be finding something to take the place of the ac pump. Your serpentine belt is going to have a place to go. I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find a kit for doing this. As far as power gains I don't think your going to see the difference all that much. Going from power to manual windows is not usually done and there were no C4's I know of that had manual windows that you could use for parts.

Re: Airco and power windows


Thanks for the reply, the airo is not the problem I think, because a lot of hot chevy's, have no airco. But I do need a heater.

Powerwindows, RT10 Viper has no.
Johnny, check this thread out from the other day; Jay did it on his '85. He'd answer your questions but he just left for Chicago for a couple of weeks.

_ken :w
thanks Ken,

You understand me, back to the basics, with a little bit of fast technics. NO-NONSENS VEHICLE

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