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Removing A.I.R. system on a 96 ?


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Jan 27, 2001
St. Peters, MO.
1996 LT4 coupe + 2004 Z06 Z16
Can you remove the A.I.R. set-up on a 96 LT1 without screwing up anything else?

Just cap the ports on the exhaust manifold ( or install headers) and remove the plumbing, cap / seal, the port at the back of the intake manifold, and leave the pump in place, just cut of or remove the rubber hose that runs to it.

Will this work?
Or, will it set codes off and make the whole works go bezerik?

Just curious, Fastglass. Do I understand that you want to remove the pipes, but not the pump?? What are you trying to accomplish with this mod?


I'm just thinking of visually cleaning up the engine capartment a little. Not a performance gain. There are a lot of pipes and hoses related to the A.I.R. system.
Guess I could remove the pump also, but that creates problems with the serpentine belt length and routing.

If you look in the Mid America and or Ecklers catalog they have a replacement pully for the AIR pump, remove the pump install pully and all is well...
The pump on the 96 isn't belt driven, its electrical, and is down ahead of the front drivers side wheel. I to want to remove the whole AIR assembly. I recently bought some long tube headers that don't have EGR or AIR access. I don't have EGR, so not a problem, but I do have AIR. I don't want to trip any codes (grrr @ OBD2) but it would be a real pain to have the AIR pipes cut and welded to the new headers. I want to eliminate the system, is this possible? I'm going with a "kind-of" 86-91 exhaust system. The headers have a y-pipe that is supposed to lead to a single cat (slip fit in front), so I'm going to buy an 86-91 cat from Mid-America, a Walker rear y-pipe, and ZR1-style exhaust. I don't think goin from the 2.5" flowmaster piping I have now down to 2.25 will be a problem, since this new system will be more free flowing than the manifolds, factory cats, and flowmasters that I have now (by the way, that cat will be hollow.....at least for 2 more years till my next emmisions inspection)
Trance is correct!

The A.I.R. pump is electrical and mounted down way low in the drivers side front bumper area.
I was installing headers on my 96 LT1 as you Trance, this is why I was thinking of removing the system.
I ended up going to emissions compliant JBA shorty headers made for the car, and kept the A.I.R. system functioning.
Works great so far!

But, I'd still like to know if this whole A.I.R. system could be removed and the holes left, plugged up, WITHOUT setting codes off? These OBD2 systems monitor everthing.

B.T.W.- Trance, header installation can be a real "bear" :mad
Take your time, don't loose your cool, heck, just getting the original iron manifolds off is a PITA!

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