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Removing Valve Cover.



Hello All,
I thought I was saving the easy side for last, but I am having a problem removing the LH (Passenger) side valve cover gasket.

The AC pump is in the way on the bottom, and a fuel line on the top. I have tried lossening the AC tension screw, but there must be more bolts I am missing.......darn thing won't move.

I also tried moving the fuel line, but don't want to torque it too much.


Vettehead Mikey

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Aug 26, 2003
Not that far from Ottawa
1973 Coupe
If your car is bone stock, you shouldn't have to remove the fuel line. The AC compresser belt may have to be removed so that you can rotate it out of the way.

BTW- the passenger side of the car is the RH, not the LH. Thre orientation is from the drivers view looking forward.


Done now, it was the AC I had to move, like I figured.

Just needed to spray some break free and let it dwell long enough to shift........I didn't want to force anything.

Thanks for the tip about LH/RH..........I may start refering to it as port/starboard just to save confusion..;)

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