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Sep 30, 2013
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
1982 Black & Burgandy C3/Phillips Berlina Coupe SE
anybody try this intake yet?.....

Yes , I fitted one to my 82 collectors and the engine wouldn't run above 2000rpm. A rolling road session revealed that the fuel mixture was becoming progressively weaker as rpm increased. In fact, there was so much more air than fuel thanks to the better porting of the Renegade. To my knowledge there is no way to increase fuel flow from the Rochester TBIs without grief somewhere else. I refitted the original manifold back on and all is now good. I had previously fitted a Performer cam and Aluminium heads. The car is very sharp now especially low down and I will not look for any more power for the time being at least.
The renegade is not that well made, the plenum top is retained by countersunk screws which do not seal well, there is a cut out for the oil pressure sender unit brass fitting at the rear of the engine but on my manifold the cut out out was too small and I had to rework it in order to get the assembly to fit the block. The take offs for the heater connections are wrong and adaptors have to be used or specially made If there were to be a way to make the manifold work it work then it would be probably be worth doing I think. It is stored away for the time being but if anyone is interested in it let me know.
Lastly, does anyone know how the auxiliary cooling fan on this model gets it's engine temperature signal as I can find no additional sensor anywhere for it ? Thanks.

Yes the Renegade lid is retained by SS countersunk screws and IMO it seals up fine, always has negative pressure. The only time the seal could be stressed would be during a backfire.
I also had to make some minor adjustments at the sending unit as u mentioned but never had issues with heater connections. My biggest issue was to machine off the rocker covers from front to rear on an angle to make fit. And on the angle because I had to save the gasket sealing surface.
I couldn't find the temperature sensor for the auxiliary cooling fan either and its not in my AIM. It's right to the rear of the dipstick and above the exhaust manifold, brass with 2 wires. The other end connector is in with the A/C pump connector.
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Jul 25, 2016
I just went through this entire thread, gotta say it was amusing. I will ask this though since it is relate to the renegade. I have been waiting a few years watching to see what would happen and how long this product would last. So far I have seen this on sites such as summit, what I would like to know is how close will I get to porting my own plenum can compare the flow with the renegade, if it is close enough to handle almost 400hp then well why not but worth a shop in the dark.


Oct 4, 2016
Guildford, Surrey UK
C3 Collectors Edition
Yes I tried the Renegade on my 82 Collectors. The engine did not run above about 1800 rpm as the fuel system could not keep up with the superior air flow. There is very little adjustment on the standard Rochester TBIs. I tried fitting extra resistors to the sensors to fool the ecu into putting more fuel in but not successful. Also the engineering on this manifold is poor and it required lots of fettling to make it fit especially around the oil pressure take off at the back of the block. A rolling road session confirmed that the mixture strength became so weak that the engine overheated alarmingly quickly. I refitted my old standard one. All now good again

To sum up, avoid this maniflold at all costs. I still have it if anyone wants to give it a go.


Mar 2, 2002
Dark Blue 1982 Trans Am(s): Polo Green 1995 MN6
On a stock motor... with the OE heads, cam, and ECM calibration... the Renegade won't do much.

On a modified motor, it works great as long as the cam, heads, fuel system, and ECM have been selected so they ALL work together.

It's not as easy as "swap an intake - uncork 100s of HP..." It has to be considered as part of a larger vision around parts selection and tuning.

The fit and finish on the later castings has been reported as terrible. My intake is from the 2013 production run and it fits great. At this point, folks will have to consider the intakes delivered these days as something that would need to modded to address the issues that should have been fixed during the machining process. If you need the intake for your build- it is what it is as there aren't a lot of options.

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