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repairing the targa top

Bob Nunes

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May 26, 2003
Myrtle Beach
2004 Arctic White coupe
I am thinking about having the top repaired. There is a company in Illinois called Corvette Tops I believe. It costs $450 plus $95 shipping. They put a new insert in. Has anyone heard of this company or used them?
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www,astrotops.com Thompsons Astro Tops
I dealt with them in the past, swapped a targa at Carlisle for a C4 10 or so years ago. It partially separated from the frame on the drive home, called them and they overnighted a new targa to me and shipping label to send the faulty one back. Never had a issue with the top after that. I had heard/read that they were hard to deal with but all I found is that the guys I dealt with were just very blunt which I really didn't have a problem with. They actually called me after they received the faulty top and apologized, saying they had never had a top separate like that.

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