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Replace dash lights on digital '87???



I just got an awesome '87 black convertible over the w'end. Half the digital instrument panel is bright, and the half behond the tach is very dim. The former owner tole me it was a replacement halogen bulb, and that he has direcs to replace it.

I'm planning on having all the bulbs replaced while its out, and wondered if anyone had tackled this themselves, or is this something I need to have done?

Any insight, experiences, or horror stories would be GREATLY appreciated!

its really pretty ez. Heres some instructions to get panel out. Only takes about 20 mins. I replaced my whole cluster because mine didnt briten or dim like its supposed to and bulbs were burned out. Whole unit was only $199. exhange. I hear the bulbs are expensive so if you have any other problems cheapest way out.


The job isn't hard. The hard part is not breaking all of the plastic dash parts while your trying to remove them. Once you have all of the covers off the bulbs are easily accesable. ***DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS ON THE NEW BULB*** THE OIL FROM YOUR SKIN WILL CAUSE THEM TO BURN OUT QUICKLY! If you do accidently touch a bulb, ypu can wipe it down with alcohol. :)

I would replace them all at once. The new bulbs will be BRIGHTER than the old ones and your dash will have dright and dim spots if you keep some of the old bulbs.

I purchased my replacement bulbs from a Wall Mart super store at a much lower price than the auto parts place.

Good luck

Bill C
I bought my 88 in November and had 2 dash lights burnt out. Prices for replacements ran from $19.00 each at dealer to $8.00 each at an electrical parts warehouse. The bulbs all come with new sockets, which raises the cost. If you're just replacing the bulbs, it's an easy fix. If the sockets look bad ( bulbs fit loose or burnt) they can be replaced by carefully removing the cluster and replacing bulb and socket from rear. Again, make sure you do not touch the bulb. I used a pair of needle nose pliers and wrapped the tips with duct tape to insert the bulbs. A little tricky, but it worked.

Thanks for your responses!

I was trying to decide if I wanted to tackle it or not! Looks like I make the attempt!

Thanks again!


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