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replaced bearing assy

Vanity Plate Bob

Well-known member
Apr 8, 2002
Johnstown, Pa, USA
My o1 Impala has had front bearing/brake assy repl "several" times until
some months ago. Since then ABS and trac light have been on.
Have had no chattering or noise since. I realize I have no ABS or
traction control. Hib, same issue we discussed before.
Had it to dealer for cat converter. I understand there is no
On the invoice he wrote "LF bearing assy". Why no problems with
ABS/trac off.
I'm sure all, most, garages have a junk pile full of bearings for the
same reason.
Could be malfunction computer that looses/gains power to the wheels
causing the brakes to engage/disengage while with normal use,
causing vibrations??
Does Corvette off show room floor have the same bearing/brake setup.

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