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Replacement Glass


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Mar 26, 2001
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
1962 CORVETTE-SOLD 2004 Z16 Z06 CE
I posted this request earlier but it may have gotten lost with the server problems in the day or so. I'm looking for any and all info regarding where to find glass for a 62 hard top. Also, does the CACC still have shirts for sale?

Rowdy.. Not sure if it will help or not?

Hope you get some help here Rowdy.. I'll look and see if there is a better place for your question..

YES we have T-Shirts and Polo Shirts :D .. it's here somewhere... hmmmmmmm I'll have to look :eek

I found the T-Shirt/Polo Shirt thread.. but

Not a window for your '62 :(

Check THIS OUT for the shirts.. ;) Still looking for a window ;)

Thanks Bud

Once again you are THE MAN Bud. I appreciate it. I "may" be picking up a hard top that needs glass and I have no idea where to find anyone that deals in it. I ordered the shirts this morning, hopefully have them for Carlisle.

Thanks Big Guy:)
Hardtop glass

L J,
First let me appologize for not returning to the Solid Axle Lounge last night. I got company.

For hardtop glass or about anything hardtop related check here:

238 Spring Run Road
Cresent PA 15046

(724) 457-7053
orders (888) 340-7812

I met a guy at Bloomington that would build you a brand new top, only using a couple pieces of original stainless. I can't remember if this is the same guy or not. You know how old age is.


No apology necessary, I knew it wasn't anything I said, you were gone before I said anything:) Thanks very much for the info, I'm not sure about this particular top, but I am definitely going to Carlisle with eyes wide open. And yes, I know all about old age, thanks for reminding me, I sometimes even forget that:(

Almost forgot. The Glassworks guy will be at Corvettes at Carlisle row K 5, 6, 7.

See What I mean?

See, you almost forgot to tell me about that. Boy, it is tough gettin old, ask me, I know:confused

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