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72 Bluz

Had Xena up on a lift Friday to get an exhaust leak fixed, which gave me an opportunity to really look around underneath. The rear rubber bushings looked shot. I know from the previous owner that the front bushings were replaced 5-6 years ago with neuroprene (?). So, I know I want to replace the rear bushings and leaf spring with a fiberglass composite spring. Given the fact that the front is 5-6 yrs old, should I replace it too, while I'm at it? Would like to autocross her, but don't want to feel like I'm riding on a buckboard wagon, if that makes sense. Have looked through the MA & VB&P catalogs at the different types of pkgs. Would appreciate any input on this from those who have done this and what you would do differently.

This is how I have prioritzed what I want to do this spring/summer: (1)suspension & tires (2)cam, alumnium intake and maybe new carb (3)upgrade to electronic ignition (4)replace interior

Of course cash flow will determine how far I get. Thanks for any input and suggestions.

I put the full performance plus from VB&P. If all goes well I will put several thousand miles on the car in a couple of months starting in late June, early July.

I will let you all know how harsh it is/isn't.

I think you have a well laid out plan. Get the suspension right and tight before adding any hsp.
Thanks, Chris. Do you think I need to replace the front bushings? I don't know how long those are supposed to last.

It might be better to place the ignition upgrades before the cam/intake upgrades, especially if you're running the stock points ignition now. From my experience, the points ignition isn't up to the task of handling even simple bolt-ons like an intake, etc, and it definitely cannot handle a compression increase. The ignition system is like a baseline for everything else.

Even though it's a real pain, I would probably go ahead and replace the front bushings too just for the pleasure of having new bushings all around. I've done this a couple times, once on my vette, and again on a 67 Camaro. It's not fun, but an acetylene torch and some creativity make relatively short work of them. Next time, I'm going with tubular A-arms top and bottom, hopefully with bushings already installed.

Good luck.

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