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Reverse lockout


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Aug 17, 2001
86 Pace Car 31,000 miles
Does anyone know where one can pickup a new reverse lockout rod,washer,spring,o-ring,The flat washer on mine is rounded out inside and will not stay on the rod anymore.Oh yeah its a 4+3.

Keith, according to an article I saw in Cars & Parts Corvettes, they don't make 'em. ;)

Hoosier, check out my 4+3 page Reverse Lockout Lever. Scroll to the bottom (or thereabouts) and you'll see a paragraph from that article with a suggestion as to how to fix it. :upthumbs
reverse lockout

Keith & Ken,

My problem is not so much with the lockout rod but the small flat washer at the top that keeps the whole thing together. It is rounded out inside and will not stay on the rod anymore. I tried flatening the top of the rod after putting it together,that repair lasted about a month. I also E-mailed vette doc in FLA. twice no answer? That was 2 weeks ago.


I also looked through your info, very,very informative,Thanks much. In there it says to send check to a place in FLA. I would if I could find out who to make it out to and how much. I already have it all apart , It is a pain downshifting though.

Does anybody know the phone number and mail address of the corvette clinic in FLA?

Thanks again guys,
Reverse lockout FIXED and IMPROVED

I finally broke down today and tore into the lockout assembly in the 4+3 shifter. That stupid little flat washer was toast. I picked up a piece of 18 gauge scrap metal from a friends bodyshop and tore into it with me trusty dremel and a jewelers file. Instead of having a round washer ,now it has a little tail on it that fits the groove in the shifter, that will keep it from spinning and rounding out like the original. Plus the new washer is 3 times thicker than the original.

I love it when a plan comes together!!;)

_ken :upthumbs

[size=-2]BTW, I merged the two threads so everyone can share in your good fortune![/size]
hoosier = *STM* EXTRAORDINAIR ya da MAN!

BudD :D

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