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Rims for 89 and hood release problem



I am looking for a set of 5 star rims perfferable white and ground effects kit . Also my hood pops open ont the right side over a heave bump or a small twist when pulling in drive way and one side hits fist. Alll seem parts seem to work good and have tried adjusting cable about 100 time.So if anyone has any info about these questions it would much appericated.

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Can't help ya with the rims, but it sounds to me like the hood adjustment stop needs the adjustment, not the cable. Try it, it ain't hard to do. ;)

Good luck, and let us know how you do.
Welcome aboard the CAC techboy.....

Ken's right.....it's probably not your cable. As far as wheels go, if you're looking for ZR-1 style, have you tried AFS Wheels? They're reasonable priced.
As far as ground effects, try Mid-America or Ecklers. There's also a company called Vanacor's......not sure of the website address though...

Welcome Techboy,look for a alinement pin about 3/8 in diameter at the outer edge of your hood. They are threaded and have a locknut on them.They come loose and will not let the latch engage the latch pin correctly. Tighten them up that may be your problem. There is one on each side. Chuck

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