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Rivet Sizes for Door Glass on 81



I have been looking everywhere for the rivet sizes that attatch the door glass rear weatherstrip,does anyone
happen to know what size rivet to use?
From My assembly Manual

Here is a page from my 1981 Assembly Manual of one of the doors. I didn't see any rivets?
Ed, I think the ones I use are 3/16ths, but I don't remeber the lenght............Hope this helps a little................Steve
Re Rivets

Rare81 and Steve thanks for the reply.I got a hold of GM and they don't even know. :( Steve I'm going with the 3/16, measured the hole should fit ...now gotta figure out the " Grip Range" when I do I will post incase someone else will be doing the same project. BTW GM is sending me a restoration package.

Thanks Again


P.S Rare81 I'm installing the the door glass rear weatherstrip

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