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Road and Track on C6



We fear change

Arrrggg. And I was just getting used to the C5!

Stan A


I would not expect anything more than just the coupe the first year. This has been GMs marketing plan for the last to upgrades (C4 & C5). Coupe first than the convertible.




That's just wrong, in so man ways. Man, bring back the Corvette Indy design! That would sell!:mad

C V Man

Doesn't really look american anymore does it?

Is that a Nissan badge on the hood?

Are the hood hinges in the back?

What? no flip up headlights?

Huh? The taillights are merging?

How are you gonna wave at that thing?

You won't recognize it as a Vette...

Oh well,
I'm not buying one anyway....
Now there's gonna be even more separation between different generation owners... I have a hard enough time getting the C5 guys to wave. :)

C V Man

Henri 79


Luckily these are 'computer enhanced', or better, computer drawn pics from someone working with R&T.

I really hope GM will do a MUCH better job, because this stinks!

Corvette stopped being drop dead gorgeous after the C4. Sorry, but(t) the C5 is a loss as well... The C6 doesn't look to become my cup of tea either...

Rumor is Dave Hill held a seminar with German C5 drivers of what they expected the new C6 to be. Smaller was the main thing, more European... YIKES!!! HELP!!! SOMEONE STOP THIS NONSENSE!!!!
A smaller Corvette because some German drivers want to???
Smaller on the outside, but the same or more room on the inside.

The Corvette is an American Sports Car and should stay that way. Not 'Europize' it to increase sales in Europe... Those lousy few hunderd cars sold over here...
Please don't listen, GM. Just build the Vette in the best tradition there is: Based on the previous Vettes!!! And make (keep) it American, from top to bottom!!!
Make it recognizable as a true Corvette (this lacks the C5) and let people move over on the autobahn as one pulls up behind you. My C3 and C4 have that effect :)


Looks very similar to the Porshe Boxer
I am concerened... not very distinctive.


Just can't get over that front end, dosen't say Corvette. And is it just me or is it IDENTICAL to the new Z?
A lot of Audi TT thrown in as well.
I don't hate it, my reaction is just one of ????


It looks wayyyy to much like the new Datsun 350Z. Dont worry folks, i seriously doubt(with fingers crossed) that it will turn out like that, I think that those are images some journalist cooked up.


Hmm... I guess I'm all alone out here, but there are some aspects I kinda like, esp. in the roadster. The roadster reminds me a little of the C3 roadsters, but more toned down. I don't like the side louvers -- way too big -- and I don't like the tires -- vette's shouldn't have low profile tires, IMO.

Overall, I think vettes have been getting less distinctive, so I think GM should stick with some classic trade marks -- like the pop-up lights (yes, I know, vettes didn't start out with these, but they've been around for longer than I have, so...).

As for the coupe, I'm reserving further comment until I can see other angles.


Maybe I'm backwards

I started with a 1984 C4, added a 1999 C5 and now I want an older C3. What is wrong with me.

PS--I sure as shootin don't want that ugly monstrosity of a C6, if that is what they turn out to look like.



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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1
Well.....in all honesty, I'm not overly fond of it....however, I also wasn't fond of the C5 when I first saw it and it has really grown on me in a BIG way. I love it now.

Let's also keep in mind that these are computer generated depictions based upon tidbits of information that R&T journalists have picked up along the way.

What I'd like to see different from those photographs is a more sharper edged front end. It's too rounded....it's too much like other cars out there already. I'd like the front end to stay more similar to the current C5 with a slight move towards that of a Ferrari. In the cover picture it looks too much like a Toyota. I like the overall "roundedness" of the current C5, but I'd like to see just a slight return to a few more edges as seen in the C4 generation.

As for the non-popup headlight issue.....I'm kind of torn. I've always loved pop-up headlights, but I've seen some very cool non-popup designs. I like what Porshe and Ferrari have done. Since Japan has had a major influence on non-pop up headlight design seen across many of their makes, I'm hoping that the design for the C6 will be unique to the C6 and not something that will remind me of a Mitsubishi or a Toyota.


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Oh so this is a collection of hints pieced together from some goof at Motor Trend? Thats cool if thats the prototype I don't have a problem. GM knows fully what Corvette is/was/and is gonna be, I have faith they won't destory our car!

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