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Rochester Fuel Injection - Done Right!



I've been to the promised land! It is in Mobile, AL.
I left Thursday morning, and returned last night late (Saturday).
12 hour ride to Mobile, AL from my door step to his.
I took my car with me on a trailer, and tested the completed unit on location.

Jerry has been involved with Rochester FI since the 70's. From racing/rebuilding fuelies to restoration and calibrations, semi retired mechanical Engineer. He has forgot more than the others ever knew!
I was able to work side by side with him, doing the grunt cleaning and was privy to observe his scrutiny of internal parts. Jerry has the engineering updates that GM put out to correct the ills that were dependability down falls. He made all the changes to my unit, then calibrated it matching the injectors to the rich stop / lean stop variations. The engine looked like a patient with iv tubes attached, only vacuum and RPM in place of medications.
I did have some incorrect parts and variations that were replaced with correct parts. The choke assembly actually works now and with the more recent engineering change to the butterfly.
My 30 30 cam was adjusted to 28 28 from my builder. I was pulling not quite enough vacuum for the low end, so I opened the gap to 31. Jerry said we could go a little more if the off idle response isn't acceptable.
I went along to observe the testing of the completed unit. On the way to test it, I noticed the undesirable low end hesitation characteristics were gone and smooth transitions in rpm from 850rpm up thru 2500rpm. This improvement is significant.
We went to a service road that Jerry said use to have only tree's along the opposite side from the highway. I only smiled. It was now heavily laden with business.
We went to the end of it, turned around and stopped in the middle of the road. As I hunkered down, Jerry cut her loose. I'm not sure if we made it to 4th gear. The excitement of the motor sound and the rate of things flying by as he ran through the gears bringing it to near red line in each had my heart pumping. Wow, what an adrenaline rush!
No hesitation, just the constant pull all the way through the RPM range in each gear.
I had a perma grin all the way back now knowing I had a formidable weapon with which to prey on the unsuspecting Hot Roders of Pitt county.

I've made a few mistakes in my restoration project along the way. I've listened to other peoples advise on what to do and how to fix my FI. Fuel Injection, Rochester in particular, are wrongly diagnosed on a regular basis by advertised businesses. There are some definate things that cannot be done. 1. you cannot properly calibrate an FI unit with out it being on a car and run. 2. Additives to the gas is not the answer for fuel for an FI unit, racing gas is. 3. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing, they like your money better than you do.

I owe an appology to another person/post. I tried to find it but couldn't. Max Lead 2000 is not the answer to poor fuel. I conceed, it is not.

Two years ago I wanted to restore my L84 to it's original glory, I have completed my mission!

See you at Carlisle!
Nov 11, 2001
SouthCentral Ontario


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Jul 6, 2004
NJ - Which exit you from?
65 SB Roadster, 66 BB Coupe
Jerry's the guy, no doubt about it.

Tom Bryant

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Nov 9, 2000
Edgerton, Ohio, United States
1959 black 270hp (9/2/69) 1981 Beige L81(10/20/80)
Nothing like a sweet running Fuelie.:D


Tom Bryant said:
Nothing like a sweet running Fuelie.:D

Your absolutly right Tom. When I completed the car, short of going to Jerry's, I thought; this is it???? I can't take off without slipping the clutch excessively, I can't run past 3500rpm with out it bucking and snorting.

Thank goodness for us Fuelie owners that Jerry has applied his professional technical abilities to the preservation of something so unique as the Rochester Fuel Injection.

After the laying of hands (calibration), it's like a whole different car. Almost a religious expierence.

It's 100+ degree's outside and all I can do is think about leaving work at 5 today and running her through the gears.

You couldn't have put better, "Theres nothing like a sweet running Fuelie".

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