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I saw the pic of the ZR1 with the test 2004 color......

this is a pic of an old friend of mines car.......

So I do not know if this is an accurate pic......

I know about Mike's car and talked to him about it. As stated on that page:

"The 50th Anniversary Corvette MAY appear in Brilliant Candy Apple Red paint. There were too many problems with the Gold color that was being tested. Below is a photo of a ZR-1 featuring the color which COULD appear on the 50th Anniversary model."

The color COULD appear similar to what you see in that picture. Nowhere does it say: "This is what the color WILL look like/be".

Now....your comments in regard to this subject on the C5Forum site....

"...He had it custom painted so this is TOTAlly fALSE!
LOL! Funny!"

...isn't exactly all that accurate as well. We're not saying what's true and what's false anywhere....it's all speculation. Your statement above isn't speculation....The way you have it worded above, you're making a fact which is misleading.

If the Rumor Mill page is going to cause this much controversy and what's stated there is going to be taken out of context and mis-construed, then I would just as soon remove the page from this site all together.

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