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Run flat tires

Dec 26, 2004
1971 LT-1 Convertible
I recently purchased 4 new Michelin tires for my 2008 Z06. They have less than 1,000 miles on them and one of the rear tires picked up what looks like a screw in the tread area-it goes flat on a day or two. Chevy dealership says wow, too bad, but you can’t repair a run flat, especially the speed rated Corvette tires, gotta replace it (at $400+).
Contacted a large major tire dealer in the area (Bell Tire) and they said, as does the Michelin website, that they can and will allow one repair as long as its within their repair parameters and still still honor the speed rating, warranty etc.
Who is correct on this? I hate to shell out $$ for a new tire when repair is an option.
Have any of you encountered this problem?
I installed Michelins RFs on my C5. They were pretty new when we were headed to Cruisefest and, in going through St. Louis, got a nail in it. The nearest tire place was a Firestone dealer. They told me the same thing... "Can't fix it, have to replace it." I told them eff you and headed down the road. Next exit down, there was a Michelin dealer. So I stopped and they told me "It's possible to repair...depending on WHERE the repair will be." They pulled it off and the tech said it was good to repair. They repaired it and it is still on the car today, as far as I know (I sold the car to a guy in the town 30 miles away, but see him driving it occasionally).

I say take it to a Michelin tire dealer and have them do the repair.
I had the same issue and was told that the tire can be repaired but that it drops the speed rating down one step, which doesn't bother me as I don't ever plan to drive the car at those speeds.
Michelin RFTs used on Corvettes under certain circumstances can be repaired. As you've heard from others, it depends on where the puncture is located. Also, the speed rating goes down.

Discount Tire stores are Michelin dealers and may be able to help you.

That dealer either was BS'ing you in order to sell a tire or they are unaware that Michelin RFTs can be repaired.
Well, I took my 08 Z06 to the dealership for an oil change and asked them to remove the right rear tire from the car and dismount it. GM will note allow the dealership to repair run flats even though this was a very small puncture in the tread area, very reparable! I had it repaired elsewhere and brought it back to have it remounted, and once again they managed to scratch the rim pretty bad. My Z06 has the pretty limited option of the Comp Gray Wheels (less than 300 Z06’s with these). This same thing happened when they mounted them- they had to get them refinished. Is this just incompetence or did Corvette sell an optional wheel that no one can mount a tire on without damaging the rim? Frustrating!!
Stop using a dealer for tire work.

Dealers only do tire work because the dealer community saw the money tires vendors make and wanted in on the profits. Folks like you, who want the convenience of being able to get a tire repair done while other service is also being done, are "easy marks" for dealers with tire machines operated by their minimum wage, lube rack techs. Dealers don't have near the training nor experience with tire work, especially tire work on cars with expensive wheels.

I recommend Discount Tire or America's Tire, as they are known in some places in the West.

I have all my tire work, including that for four Corvettes done there. Two of my Corvettes have Forgelines on them and if you think GM wheels are expensive, price a set of those. That's one big reason why I never have a dealer do tire work.

In your case, with a 12-year old car with wheels that are likely discontinued, I'd be real conscious of where I took my car for tire service.
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