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scanning tool



im going to buy a scanning tool for my 92
what is the best one????
The best scan tester for a 92 is the Vetronix TECH 1A.

The T1A uses software that was designed specifically for GM cars and was tested and validated by GM engineers. TECH1A was the factory scan tester for all GM dealers from 85-96 and is still available from Vetronix. For information call 800 321 4889
Hey Len, check out some of the links that are in the search results. I'm sure I posted a few, if not let me know and I shoot some off to ya. ;)

_ken :w

I'm using AutoXray on my 92. You cnd get one for the OBD I codes (your 92) for less than $100 (rebuilt). The application is GREAT. It reads all of the sensors in real time(temps,timing,speed,O2,etc) and also can reset the codes. I've not seen anthing better for the money and it has been a great tool for analysis of eratic code sets. I don't know how I got along without it before.
Lots of luck;)
With something like the Autoxray EZ-Link scan tool you can get their PC-Link application for Windows. You can then upload info from the scan tool to your laptop via the serial port. Then you can save the info, chart it, etc.. Take a look at www.ontool.com under the Electrical System Tool / Scan Tools. Pretty cool actually.

do you know where i can buy one and get it shippt over seas
Here's another link to a site where you can buy a refurbished Autoxray OBD I. Just got one for my '90 Zr-1 and was very pleased with the quality and price.
They ship overseas also!

Re: TomsToy

swedvette said:
do you know where i can buy one and get it shippt over seas

Yes, I got mine from PLI-autocheckup.com. Their in Scottsdale Arizona. Ph (USA) 480-563-4235. They were great in answering all the questions I had and were very prompt in delivery. They shipped UPS and took "the card". I think it's a great tool for diagnostics!
nyernga said:
one question though......which one do I need? the obdI obd II or obonecanobi?


OBD-1 for yours and mine. OBD-II is 96 and up to present.
Of course if you decide on the obonecanobi it will work well against the dark side only.
May the force be with you ... :upthumbs

You crack me up :D :D

Follow Toms Toy and Steel Half-Shafts idea. Go to autocheckup and get one of those rebuilt units. That's a good deal. I'm trying to see if Santa may have just a little more room in his sack for one for me. I've been good this year, honest :grinsanta


I just bought a Snapon MT 2500 on E-bay. It's awesome. I'm just starting to learn all it can do.
scan tools

Hi there,
Scan tools do alot more than just retrieve codes. You can perform circuit checks, reprogram some modules, see real time data from the PCM, so you can find glitches.
You name it,you can do it.
Laptop programs are for just doing scans while driving. I use them so I can keep both hands on the wheel while driving, and see the large screen to pinpoint failure points.
Tech 1, 2, and the new 3 which will be coming out. Each one has its strong points, and weak points, NONE can do it all.
Snap on, Matco, and OTC all make good scanners, however, do not have factory functions that the Tech series of scan tools has.
They all work, but you must firmly know what you expect your scan tool to do, to purchase the correct one for you.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
I hear ya buddy. But it's worth it...
Let me know if you go with one of those tools. I'll be curious what you think. Looks like Santa won't be bringing me one...
She (Mrs. Santa) has already got me a surprise.
Re: scan tools

c4c5specialist said:

Snap on, Matco, and OTC all make good scanners, however, do not have factory functions that the Tech series of scan tools has.

c4c5specialist makes an excellent point in favor of the Vetronix testers.

Another feature of the Vetronix software is that it supports not only the ECM but the chassis and body comuters as well. Many other testers don't support all the car's on-board computers having self-diagnostics.

This is not to say that the entry-level hardware devices (Auto-Xray, etc) and software-based testers (Diacom, etc) don't have there place in the market but it is to say that if you want full-diagnostic capability similar to that Corvette service professionals use, then you need to consider full-featured scan testers.
Vetronix testers

excellent point in favor of the Vetronix testers.
Hib, How much does the Vetronics tester cost?
I've been told that used TECH 1A goes for about $700+.
The GM shops are now supposed to move to TECH II so we may see more TECH 1A come available. I haven't been able to find a used one. At that price I probably won't look too hard...
Hib makes a good point though on all the features the TECH has and it is the tool that GM service shops use.

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