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Second day-Windshield out



Removing the windshield on the hardtop
It's kind of hard to save the upper rubber finishing molding. Took a hair dryer and heated it at a far distance, so as not to heat and bubble the paint, but only to warm up the molding, glass and sealant slightly. Pulled the molding off. Washed and cleaned the wax off the edge of the roof where the molding was. I then put a four inch glaziers tape to protect the paint. Be careful when cleaning the area to only use cotton cloths and a mild dishsoap, so as not to scratch the finish. Then took a glaziers cutter and cut clear the silicon sealant on the top of the windshield.

Prepared two vice grips and used a thin wire, sort of like a high E string on a guitar, referred to as a piano string in the trade. From inside the car I took one end of the wire and ran it through the top of the windshield, through the sealant, bringing it out about five feet in length, and then took the glazing cutting knife and cut a slit on the bottom of the sealant of the windshield. Stuck the other end of the piano wire through and leaving about another five feet exposed. Put a piece of 5 in by 5 in square cardboard between the piano wire and the bottom of the windshield not to disturb the rubber sealant on the cowel for the dashpad. I then attached one end of the vice grip to the end of the wire on top and one on the bottom, and slowly went to the top of the windshield and used a back and forth sawing motion to create a friction which in turn made the wire hot and was able to slice through the sealant on the bottom and sides. Repeated process on the other side. Don't forget to remove the rear view mirror and disconnect wire harness from rear view mirror so it doesn't hang and damage the headliner.

General Motors recommends removing four bolts starting from the rear of the fender forward and swinging them out, but I didn't. I just covered the ends of the fender with tape, opened the windows and both doors. When done cutting, stuck my hand inside the windshield and pushed forward, then grabbing the top of the glass with my right hand, took my left hand out from inside and placed it on top of the windshield and with my right hand grabbed the bottom, using gloves of course, and picked the windshield up over the car. Remember the hood is also open. With the technique I used, I didn't have to remove the two stops that are on the cowel, which are stuck on with two sided tape. So I know the glass will go back to original position. I would recommend two people doing this. Remember, cover the fenders and doors with blankets so in case you lean you won't scratch the car.

Takes no more than fifteen or twenty minutes, after all the preparation is done. Preparation takes about a half hour for each side.

Well, now on to the vacuum hoses, now that the windshield is out. When all was done, I had myself a nice cold soda. I'll keep you informed.
Racer78 said:
Sounds like progress. Why did you remove windshield? Was it broken?

Keith :w

There was a chip in the windshield that was starting to spread, and I didn't trust the dealership after they botched installation of a cd player, that I am also doing myself now, after having to run new vacuum lines that they destroyed behind the radio.

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