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Shift Kit


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Jun 15, 2001
Defiance, MO
1969 dark red convert
I was told that a previous owner of my car installed a shift kit ( he also told me some other things that weren't true). Is there an easy way to tell ? What would the characteristics be if their was one installed compared to a original trans. :confused
Theres no way to physically tell unless you pull the pan out and yank the valve body, i dont suggest it if its running. Yes the ford guy has worked on a few chevys.

Ive installed several shift kits in th350s and one or two 400s. The chevy trans respond well to even the el cheapo shift kit from B&M. Generally speaking they knock the hell out of second gear. If it has a nice hard shift into second and third you likely have a shift kit. Thats about the best i can tell you. A side note..if it shifts nice and firm from gear to gear with no lag between shifts, who cares if it has a shift kit..its not like they add HP.
I have a '80 vette and it litterly jumps into second.. does this mean i have a shift kit installed? and if so how do i adjust it for a more smoother shift...
Its possible, being an 80 im sure the trans has been rebuilt and the shift kits are dirt cheap. As far as making it shift smoother im not really sure...LOL...that has never been my goal.
Thanks, JoeVerb for the info. My car does jump going into 2nd and 3rd with no lag. My guess that their is one installed. Will this put undo stress or anything else on the tranny?
on the u joints more than anything. if you were gonna have a prob you would have expierienced it by now
Some fluid stuff

For some reason the General has always prefered smooth shifts in all of their cars. Ford though, has a Type F transmission fluid that causes shifts to be more pleasing to the performance crowd. If you want the Ford stuff, remember that the fluids are not compatible. You will have to drain out all the Dexron oil, even from the torque convertor. Of course, if you pull off the transmission you might as well go for a higher stall speed torque convertor. I've never used shift kits, especially in a tranny that has seen many miles. The shift kit will cause higher pressures in the transmission case that will blow out weak or marginal seals. It sucks to cause leaks, believe me. Take it easy--Bullitt.

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