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Shifter Knob



I am looking for a carbon fiber shifter knob or a really cool one.. anyone know where i can get one for a 1980 corvette?

Corvette Craig

Shift Knob

I too was in the market for a cooler looking knob. Problem was the push button on the automatic, couldn't find new one with it, or refused to pay what they want for it, $100.00 for some cases
That problem was solved when I decided to ignore the button. I just simply bought a aftermarket MANUAL shift, and push down on the column to shift gears. There are plenty of aftermartket suppliers out there, I told you this little story so you don't feel trapped in having to fing one with a push button. Don't go crazy looking for one, I found mine at autozone for 20.00.
Mid-America has them also (with a puch button) for c4 models and up, but I think they would work also. Good Luck.


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Jan 30, 2001
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Rather than start a new thread...

I'll use this one. :gap

I was just thinking about the shifter knobs of the early Corvettes, and how I've become so used to the feel of leather in my right hand, that I don't think I could live with a chrome metal knob again.

Just another passing thought. ;)


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