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Sidepipe install, rear panel mods-for TC


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark

I thought you and others might want to see what I did with the rear body filler panel in preperation for the sidepipes so you could get your own ideas. The factory sidepipe cars has a straight square line seam on each side of the lower quarter panel where it meets the filler panel. I wanted to have a little fun with mine and not "box it in forever" to a sidepipe car. So, I made up a pair of "fillers" that match the factory opening for the rear muffler pipes. I made this part of the filler panel so it slips up in the rear with no mods to the body of the car. I have seen some glass this panel in smooth, but if you ever have to take the body off the frame, etc. you will want it to be a removeable panel, plus less chance of stress cracks where it was bonded.

Here you go.

Also, if you go this route, either your or the local body shop only has to mod the filler panel and repaint it. No paint work to the body of the car if you do it this way.


Yeah, Thats definitly the way to fill a non factory side pipe car like mine. Ill print the pic and see what I can get going on for later. I dont even have a good body shop to help me yet. Im looking.

For now, Im going to get her back on the road by cutting the mufflers , leaving just the the back plate, mount, and chrome end pipe. Then just bolt it back in place as a faux end exhaust. An observant person would know its cosmetic only, by seeing that My real setup is side pipes, But its the best I can do for now. Eventually Ill find some competent body shop to fabricate ,your way for me. Thanks for thinking about my situation and the recomendation Buddy.

Actually, this is a great opportunity for you to have some fun and learn a new skill. Since this mod only involves the rear body panel, you can't really get too deep.

Here is the trick. I did mine a little different, but here is another way to do the same.

Pull the chrome trim ring from the rear panel. Put the rear body filler back in. Take a piece of cardboard and cut out a piece that is the same size, contour, fit of the tail pipe hole.

Pull the panel back off. Take a grinder or even hand sand with 36 grit or so about 3" back from the opening on the filler panel.

Put the panel back on, tape the cardboard pieces to each side. Get a small fiberglass kit from the local store, and mix up a batch to glass a patch across the cardboard and onto the overlap of the filler panel where you ground it down.

When it dries, pull it off. Now, take some cardboard and form a inner lip on each outside edge of the new part. This will give it a factory finished look. Let that dry hard. Grind the whole thing down to remove the high spots. Buy the lightest weight/smooth body filler. Mix that up and spread it smooth and even over the patch area. Using a long block, take 80 grit paper (you can just use a 10" long cut off 2x4 if you want, long block across the patch area into the original filler surface. Keep doing this and filling as needed until it is slick. Keep reducing until you can we dry sand it with 220 or so.

Flip the panel over and glass up the rear side for strength.

Now, you can either take it to a paint shop, or.......try to match the color and just spray paint it. Since it is a lower panel, as long as the color is very close nobody will notice.
Hmm,your instructions are clear, and Theres no existing coemetics for me to screw up:) . Im sure I could do this, Ill put the instructions with the pic and add the removable patch, to my never ending list of to do's.

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