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Simple and effective Z06 mods!


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Nov 28, 2001
Northern NJ
So far my 2001 Z06 with Halltech T1-C and FLP totally bolt on headers and x pipe and high flow cats runs great! I threw a vinci 178 degree thermostat in to try and hold (maintain more oftern) the coolant temperature closer to what I believe to be the optimum level at 187 degrees..

I am very pleased with the results to date.

I don't want to go totally radical with the car as I believe the siren calling of the C6 high performance version due to arrive in 2006 MY will have my name on it! LOL


With an estimate of normal range on rwhp of stock 2001 Z06's hitting 330rwhp to 341rwhp .

I"m betting the nominal investment of intake and headers..I'm estimating power in the range of 350 to 370rwhp..

Of course I could be wrong and down the road I'll probably grab a dyno day at a local tuner to see whats what..

As an owner of these fine cars..I can truly say..these minor mods have increased the enjoyment I get from the car..

The intake with the air bridge that also includes the piece between the MAF and the Throttle body..that runs around 350 ..the instalation takes all of twenty minutes if that..

the headers a complete bolton affair..takes anywhere from four hours to eight hours depending on the expertise of the installer...and yes you should use a lift if possible.

The beauty of the FLP system is that is allows complete reversal to stock using the non altered stock parts should you decide to return the car to the dealership for a trade in on a C6...Z06 or whatever they call it.

Same goes for the intake..20 minutes and your good to go!

How does the car sound with the headers..I would use the term more refined..more exotic but definitely not louder..at least not until your in the very upper region of the rpm band..

When you climb to 4500 or 5500 rpms..Watch out! The delight you hear is something to behold..A real treat to an automotive enthusiasts ear..


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Nov 28, 2001
Northern NJ
I caught a glimpse of the number of views to this post. I have to say the improvement with such simple bolt ons such as the intake, thermostat and headers really added to the enjoyment of the car..

I highly recommend these mods to anyone looking for a nice bolt on jolt of power!

Not radical...to the point of overpower other systems..but a nice clean additional 10 to 15% pump!


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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1

In general, have you been happy with the Halltech Tric system?


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Nov 28, 2001
Northern NJ
Actually..this isn't the tunnel ram induction system.

this one I threw on the car installs in 20 minutes tops..its set up to pull air supposedly through the drivers side zo6 grill.

Its composite design is sharp looking and overall fit and finish is exellent. its priced right with the ...air bridge that goes behind the maf unit to the throttle body as well. all for 350 dollars

YOu can see it at www.corvettec5.com I believe thats Jims site..

I've been through these air filter discussions till I"m blue in the face..so my suggestion is that they are all pretty close..each person should choose the one they personally like.

I like the guy..

I like the company..

I like the products quality.

I like the results..

Jim quotes 17.3 rhwp from this..

I also did headers which although relatively expensive..I liked the complete bolt on nature..which included high flow cats and x pipe..Should have resulted in 18 to 22 rwhp if all the dyno reports from friends are accurate..

I bolted them up to the titanium stock exhausts..

And I have to say..the sound is perfect..for me.. sort of stealth..and when you hammer it above like 4500 rpms..they scream..

As far as I'm concerned..when I rev it up to and past 4500rpm's..I know no police are around for the most part..thats why I like the way it is..and thats why I'd recommend it as a nice stealth package..

Believe it or not..for years..I heard the waste of time the thermostat is...but I threw one in as well..and I'll be darn..for the most part..I see the coolants in the 187 to 190 range..where I used to run often at 196-198 and over 200..

Soo far..overall..its usually running about 10 degree cooler overall.

Sure the temps will get up there if your sitting.. but it seems to run for the most part cooler..

I talk about this stuff..not to brag on..or specify brands..but really to just shoot the breeze about how cool this simple bolt on package has been for me..

I'll be honest with you..and I know we all say this..but the cars running so sweet.. I don't think I'm doing any more modding ..for a while..

Time will tell if it holds..but I sure do love this car as it is now!

Its like a dam race car! ;)

ALL of ours are!

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