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Sloppy Steering


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Jun 19, 2001
Danville, California
1960 Roman Red & 1986 Dark Red Conv
I have way too much play in my sterring. It appears to be in the steering box as I can turn the wheel from side to side without moving the steering box output shaft.
Can the sterring box be tighten? or am I stuck buying a new / reconditioned box?
Sloppy steering

Excessive slop in these steering boxes is common. Back when I bought my '59 I was able to get a tight used one. You can adjust them slightly but probably not enough. Check your ST12 service manual if you have one. Fortunately all of the parts are available from the Corvette parts houses to rebuild them or you can send it out to a service. I'd have to look when I'm home to find phone #s.

Be advised if you send it out that your serial number plate is attached to the lower column on a '60. I would be sure of who
I was sending it to.


Thanks for the info on the sloppy steering. I have ordered the Service Manual and will look it up once I receive it. This is a fully matching numbers car, so thanks for the heads up on getting the steering box serviced.

I hope to be able to rebuild it myself.
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:w Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community!!! It seems like there was an article in Corvette Fever or The Restorer on this. I don't think it is too complicated for someone with fair mechanical abilities.

Good luck.

How did you come out with your steering box bebuild?

Just heard from Richard and it seems that he is in the middle of a complete front end rebuild. Should be done next week as he is competing in a road rally the following weekend.

Good luck in the rally Richard.:upthumbs Tell how you do.

Lubricant for Sreering Box

I was told that a few rebuilders use CVC Lubricant/Grease in the Steering Box instead of the Gear Oil. I changed my sysem over a few years ago when it was leaking around the seal. I have not had a problem since and it also might have taken out a little bit of the sloppyness. :upthumbs
Yes that's true. Even GM recommends grease in these old manual boxes.
If you choose to send it out for rebuild, you'll get top quality work at Corvette Steering Service, http://www.corvettesteering.com . Great article in the April issue of "Corvette Fever" on a rebuild if you decide to do it yourself - use ordinary chassis grease instead of the usual steering gear oil.
Joe Calcagno at RARE Corvettes in Soquel, CA does a super job restoring these boxes. His number is 831-475-4442. He is at least a liitle bit close to you in Danville.

Joe has been a Bloomington judge and also a teaches a couple of classes every year. He is a real hands on guy and will be very fair at helping you. Long time NCRS guy also.

He will probably be at the Pomona Swap Meet this weekend, so call next week.
Jim Gessner

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