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Smokey Yunick synthetic oil recommendationo



In the book "Smokey Yunick's Power Secrets" he makes mention of a "particular" brand of synthetic oil that is ideal for wet sump engines competing in high side load events. Does anyone have knowledge of which oil this is? If it is not proper to post on list, please contact me directly at: anna-david.fellmet@prodigy.net
This sounds like the perfect oil for autocross. Thanks, Dave
I don't know the publication date of that book but engine oil improved at a rapid rate in the 1990's with the application of additive technology and now the ISO quality control.

For racing with a stock engine use the oil that the mfg says to use in the manual. For a modified engine use the oil the the person who made up the engine says to use. Then when it craps out you will get more help.

If it's say a small block with a dry sump then use a synthetic base stock in 5W-30. A heavier weight will work but you will lose some power.
A oil that meets the specifications is suggested over one that has lots of marketing with it. The spec is SJ!
Worry about your cooling system. More things go wrong with them.
Synthetic oil

I have been using Synthetic in both my Harley's and Corvette, both run cooler (25 deg. on the Harley's oil tank same outside temp, highway,etc.) and gas mileage has improved some (if that is your goal, personally performance is first !). I am using Amsoil, and have not been dissapointed following the mfg. recomendations (Amsoil) I have also sent oil samples from all vehicles, before using synthetic and after, the wear rate declined considerably. Most oil companies will not tell you about Amsoil, because you can go up to 25,000 miles or one year per oil change, if I were selling oil I wouldn't tell you about it either.
For more info. check :
A friend worked on aircraft in the military. He said they never changed the oil unless a repair procedure required draining oil. They just changed the filters. In his words, the oil does not go bad.

Personally, when the vette askes for an oil change, I do it.


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