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Solved! Pop/Snap Steering Wheel, 95' C4



A while back I did a post concerning this problem in my 15k C4. I had many good suggestions but I played a hunch and went after the steering shaft coupling this past weekend. This is the first head-hunt I've tackled on the 4 mo. old car.

The steering shaft is basically in three pieces. The main center shaft has a universal assy on each end. The end closest to rack (it slips over the rack input shaft and is bolted on), sandwiches a rubber/fabric insulator (using 2 bolts and nuts) between itself and the universal on the other side of the insulator. By close observation, I could see a slight, almost imperceptible, movement each time I loaded up the steering wheel to the point where the pop/snap occurred. I removed the shaft (not bad; about 45 min.; would have taken much less if I had known how to get the shaft/rack boot off. Remove the belt pulley dumbo! It takes about 2 minutes and is not nearly as hard to replace as the whole darned A/C compressor; head-slap!!!!), placed the unit in a vice, applied some torque to one end, and low-and-behold I duplicated the noise. A few ft-lbs on each nut solved that problem.

I swear, that is a lousy, niggling little problem to occur on a low-mileage vette. I could understand on a Yugo or something, but vette? Come on!!!!!!

Now for that rear end slop....... honey, here I come. You can run but you can not hide.

Ted Valley
Thanks for filling us in as to what the noise was, and what's involved in remedying the situation. I'm sure it will prove to be of value to quite a few people that have experienced similar "pop/snap" clunking noises.

_ken :upthumbs
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Hey Vigman! You crack yourself up. Actually, I like your humor.

Maybe when the "wanna bees" call in asking why they should buy a vette, you can launch off with your top ten reasons to add snap-crackle-pop-crunch-ouch, etc., etc. to your day. Most of those sounds come from my knees and elbows as I routinely bend over the little gal just to keep her runnin' good.......and fast!

Ya just gotta love that agony :beer


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