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Rat Race

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Nov 18, 2005
North Jersey
Some answers first- Now that I am a respected (ahem cough) member of the CAC I feel it is my duty to keep prospective lurkers (that I myself was not to long ago) in the loop. I do possess a BSD (Bull S*#t degree) in Automotive Journalism, so I will opine without hesitation general thoughts and feelings concerning these beloved icons of American iron.

First thing is anybody whos agonizing over weather to get the Z51 suspension can quit wasting their time and just go for it- It is supremely comfortable in every sense of the word, smooth roads or not, as evidenced by my recent trek to Atlantic City and back. Brutal rides make me feel like a kid, and Im too young to be old. Its the total package, the lines, the ride, the power, the stares- and besides drilled rotors are too cool.

I cringed when my friend said "Pull into my driveway" when I dropped him off that night, and felt like I flattened my front spoiler. It was a big scrape. I felt much better today when I read in this months issue of Muscle Machines, that the very ZO6 that was delivered to the MM staffers came with a pre scraped spoiler, straight from GM. See, it happens to the best of us.

Since Im so anal, I spent fully one half of one hour staring at my wheel hubs deciding what to do about the ring of rust that forms on the rotor where the calipers miss squeeging off the rust- Problem solved today, when I decided the best approach would be to remove all four wheels, steel wool off the unsightly ring, and coat that area with silver caliper paint. As long as im doing that, I figured I can also ream out all the little drilled holes with a small wire brush, cause they too fill with rust, and dab some paint in there as well. The question here is do you think it would affect braking? If so, I will just leave that to the Gods and proceed to paint the vanes, so they look pretty too.

Now for the questions- What kind of cover does everybody reccomend? At a reasonable cost? Car is in garage but want to keep dust off.

Can anyone supply me with the procedure to change my own oil? Bringing it to Chev dealer is not an option. I can do the changes on my big block Camaro, but isnt the oil electric on these cars?

Lastly, can anyone go the the CAC fest in June? (meaning me?) Is there a place to sleep in a sleeping bag if I cant get a room? And will the DJ play some Alice Cooper?

Thats it
Mid America Motorworks sells a cover for your car from budget to extreme. Changing the oil is no different than any other car once you get it off the ground. I am fortunate in that I have lift along side my shop. If you don't have a lift you can jack the car up by using the hockey pucks that are sold by Mid America or other vendors or if you have long skinny jack you can jack it up by the cross member in front of the engine. I have jacked up a few C5s and also a C6 just using a small block of wood where you would put the puck into the frame. Once it was off the ground make sure you put jack stands in the appropriate places so as not make yourself real thin the hard way. No the paint shouldn't efect braking.

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