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Spare wheel and tyre


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Jul 5, 2001
Sydney Australia
1977 Yellow Coupe
Who is actually driving around without the spare tyre/wheel fitted to their Vette?
The one in my 77 is apparently the original that came with the car which virtually makes it useless as a replacement for any of the wheels on the car now. Aside from fact that I wouldn't trust it as a spare given it's obvious age, irregardless of the fact that it looks like it's never been used beofre.
What's the general feeling on this?
Got it, use it


I've got my original, which in '81 is a special very thin full size tire. This enabled the '81 to have a 24gal fuel tank (which is nice). I check mine at least once every couple months. I got stuck once in my '72 with a flat spare. The cost for the tow still rings in my head. I'd never go anywhere again without the spare at 100%.

.......... Nut

Picture this next time you drop down the spare carrier.

Two cans of fix o flat strapped on either side of the carrier, and a big bottle of NOS in the middle. Don't be surprised if you see something like this hiding under 69MyWay soon.
Mine near useless spare was sitting under there taking up space and weight since I got the car.
Im just now prepping for a new composite spring and a new exhaust so I just dropped it out along with the "lid" part of the carrier. Im going to leave the base part of the carrier because it seems to act as a kind of "shield" for the fuel tank and takes up no space.
Months ago I added a plug kit and can of fixaflat sealer to my permanent on board tool stash.
I dont see why I would ever have to jack my car up on the side of the road to put a spare tire on, as long as I have the temp fix kit with me.My 2 centavos worth
I sold my '79 this past summer. Had it for 12 years and never could get the tray to drop down. What I could see of the spare, looked like it had never been down. Need to find a space saver spare that's my 60 though.
I'll try to figure out how in the next week or so. I'm almost caught up with the honey do's and hunting.:cool
No spare here

I plan on having a much larger aluminium tank made up for mine along with the roll bar for the cabin so the racing harnesses can fit as they were meant to.
With the extra capacity of a bigger fuel tank there is also the advantage of creating a lower centre of gravity during the process. There's always a plus to most of the mods I make.
Took the diff to have the new 3.7s fitted this morning. I've grit blasted the half shafts and am now de-burring all those bits and pieces.
Btw, I'm having new billet steel yolks and caps made up while the ring and pinion is out.
I just can't help myself.
No Spare here either

Even took the carrier down and tucked it away. Couple cans of fix-a-flat and a AAA membership. Why would you want a spare?
Well I'll be:confused I always wondered what that thing was back there:L
I guess I can cancel AAA
When I replaced my tires, I replaced all five so the spare is hanging out under there in mine.

- Eric
No spare, no spare carrier. Two cans of fix a flat and a triple A card.

Our version of your AAA is the NRMA.....National Roads and Motorists Association. My Vette is covered but only because my wife needed a car to be able to join...it's a long story.


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