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Spark plugs

I think it took me about 2 hours to do the plugs on the L98. That was 45 mins for plugs 5 and 8, and about an hour for the other 6. Wound up using a swivel-headed ratchet attached to an extender attached to another swivel. The fun part was getting the torque wrench in there to put the new one in.

The car does idle better, but that's most likely due to the new plugs in general (and that one wire).

Incidently, the $380 plug change on the Camaro - was that for an LT1 car? I've heard that they have to pull the engine to get to the last two plugs - they're practically under the firewall.

Now my voltmeter is reading 11.4 volts :( See separate thread for this one, but I wonder if the +4's draw more power than the others did.


No, I don't believe that Camaro was a LT1 powered car. It was either a 89 or 90.

2 hours work isn't too bad. Just a small portion out of your Saturday afternoon. I don't know about that scrapping knuckles and cursing part though.:eek
No, 2 hours isn't bad. And only got one good-sized scrape. No burns, either :) Tried once to do plugs with the engine hot. *NOT* a good idea.

Regarding that check valve, none of the "Help" supply sections had it. I wound up getting it from the dealer today for about $5, which isn't too bad. So far, I'm impressed by the low cost of dealer-supplied odds and ends for the Vette.

I learned about the hot engine part while I changed the oil. And you're right, that's not a good idea.

Maybe I'll have to check out the local Chevy dealership. I usually stay away from the dealerships because I assume that they cost more.

There's a place around here that sells Mobil 1 oil filters for $9.99, which I think is an excellent price. It really pays to shop around, I stay away from Eckler's because they're expensive. I only use their catalogs as a reference to what has come out.
Firing order = 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. Number 1 is the front right cylinder when standing in front of the car.
Mobil 1 Oil Filter at Kmart = $9.99. With their troubles I still haven't seen them go on sale. But they don't seem to be restocking that brand either. Shame. They're all out of the size for the Vette... I think MAD tries to charge $15. What a joke. You can also find K&N Oil Filters at Autozone for about $10.
When I changed my plugs I used a sidewinder ratchet. I had no real problems. Never pulled the wheels or inner fenders. I just had to loosen and move the ASR piece to get at number 3 and 5. 8 is definetely a PITA though. I just got lucky.
The cursing and scrapes seem to go with the job. I'm sure when I do the plug wires I'll have a few choice words for the GM engineers...
Hey Guys

Probably didn't need to pull the wheel well, but while I had it out I noticed the vacuum hose that runs from the cruise control unit into the passenger compartment was worn badly. That turned out to be a job in itself, had to pull the battery & get up under the dash to replace it. I have now replaced every vacuum hose I can find & 75% of the ones I replaced were bad near the ends.

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