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Aug 14, 2001
Lido Beach,New York
1993 Convertible 1999 FRC Pewter sold
I purchased seats recently for my '86. I plan on dying them from Blue to Graphite, using Leatherique product ( I have heard good things about their products). Only problem is how do I remove seat back cushion from the plastic shell. I have heard stories of staple, hog ring removal etc. Is there an easier way? Has anybody done this on Sport Seats?
Mar 3, 2001
Andover, MA USA
1986 "Bright Red" Coupe
I would like to know the trick also, want to repaint my seat backs. If you pull the headrest uhpolstery away from the shell you can see a vertical wire or rod that fits into a clip, there's one on each side of the headrest. Looks like you can push the wire to one side to disengage from the clip. After that I'm at a loss, The leather seat cover seems to be securely fastened to the sat back shell up and down the side edges and you cant't really get into there easily. There is supposed to be another set of clips at the lower end of the seat back that are similar to the top clips, but I just don't see how you can get to them. Here's a photo I found online of a seatback, maybe someone knows how to get it off and then the trick to getting it back on.


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Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
The seat backs were the one thing that I forgot to re-do when I refurbished my interior last year. :eek:

I've seen the threads where they say it's a piece o' cake to separate the seat back from the cushion, but I haven't figured it out yet. Of course, to be honest with y'all, I haven't really tried either. ;)

Good luck.

_ken :w


Here we go....

it is easy to undo the seats. There is a stiff rod frame around the backside of the seat itself. It rides on some clips that turn towards the middle of the seat. If you gently pry up one side you will eventually run into the rod frame, all you need to do is follow it up towards the top of the seat and when you encounter the clip, just press in towards the center of the seat till it clears then lift up. As I recall there are 2 clips on either side, once you clear the rod from both on one side pry that side up and pull seat towards you and it will remove the rod from the other clips.
About the only warning I can give you is that once you get it out it is quite a bear to get back in. I fabricated a tool that makes it easy....got the idea from a forked pry bar, only make it flat. Once you get the one side in, let the bar ride the rod frame and push it in and press the seat towards the back, then slowly remove the bar. Took a few times to master but it beats the seats flopping around...Good Luck!

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