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I have a 99 Coupe with Sport Seats and the one on the drivers side is showing wear on the part of the backrest that starts to wrap around about midway up where your backside hits as you go to sit in it. My question is: do they make any kind of a cover for just the back support to help protect that area? Thanks.
I don't think that they do. Unfortunately, wear on Corvette seats, both C4 and C5 is extremely common. I'm not sure if it's due to the design where the side bolsters curve in sharply, or if it's due to the quality of leather used.

The only thing I can suggest in order to prevent any further wear (and most people don't like to do this and think I'm crazy), but keep a large cloth or towel on the seat before getting in. I use one of the old mechanics cloths that mechanics used to place on the car while working on the engine. They are soft cotton, extremely comfortable and do an excellent job at protecting the seats. After putting 23K miles on my own C4 Corvette, my side bolsters look as good as the day I bought the car. Obviously, this isn't prudent if you're going to be racing the car because you're bound to slide around in the wider C5 seats.
Actually it's not the seat, it's the part of the back support that wraps around about midway up your back.
Yeah Mark, somebody makes wraps for them, I just can't think of who right now. I know there was a thing called "Wet Okoles" or something that people were going nuts about for a while. ;)

_ken :w

Hi there,
there was a bulletin issues for this condition, 01-06-04-022 replaces the seat back with one that uses vinyl on the side bolster, instead of leather, to avoid wear.
You may still be under warranty, I would consult your dealer.
Besttoyou, c4c5
Thank you all very much. I still am under the original factory warranty, plus I got the GM Extended Warranty for 3 more years.

c4c5, thank you much. I would have never even thought to look for anything like that. I will check with my dealer on Monday and see if I'm covered.

Once again, thanks to all for giving your time and help to a newbie in this area. I just hope at sometime I to can be a help to someone.
Seat prob

I agree with c4c5....Being a dealer I have see alot of Corvettes come through here with that problem. The good news is that most of them were warrantied. I can tell you that if you find a good dealer you have a relationship with and the problem is not due to customer abuse then you should be able to have it taken care of under warranty. Either way good luck!
Hi, I have a question for c4c5specialist. What year(s) is the bulletin for, I have a '99, and do you have to be under the factory warranty to get it taken care of.
Thank you in advance.
HI Dan,
This is hard to answer, as far as warranty coverage. It really depends on a number of things, so just be cautious.
The bulletin goes to 99, as the 00 year had the modified seat covers.
I would consult your dealer for further information, as I cannot make an effective judgement here, sorry,
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
I went to my dealer the other day and have a appointment coming up. I was told that they have to look at the seat bolster first.

A couple things, first of all they seemed real concerned if I was under warranty or not.

Second, the service bulliten number I have for the seat is 990850010 dated 7/99.

Third, according to the bulliten your vehicle had to be built prior to VIN BREAKPOINT X5116322. Anything after you may have problems.

They were not very specific as to how they would fix this IF it was covered. I told them I wanted both backs of the seats replaced to keep the car uniform.

I will let you all know what they say after my appointment.
sport seats

They do make a fix for this. I have them on my car they are called "bikini bolsters" I got them from Mid-america takes about 10 mintues to install and cost $70 a piece. Woth the investment if you ask me and they dont cover the whole seat. email me if you want pics I will take a few. As far as I know they only come in black but give them a call
My car a 99 was under warranty and the dealer checked out the problem and said it was due to wear. They ordered just the cover for the back of the seat and replaced it.

While it was in they noticed what appeared to be a little wear of the rubbery coating on the center console and are going to replace it also.

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