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Nov 21, 2001
Bowling Green, KY, U.S.A.
1994 Arctic White Coupe
I just purchased a 94 C4 with the Sport Seat option. I can hear the selenoid clicking for each adjustment in each seat. However, neither seat will adjust. Anyone have this problem, or can you tell me where the problem may be?
Hi there, and welcome,
Well, you have a relay package, both seats.
So, questions, do you have lumbar support functions working??
do any of the tilt features??
Please let us know, c4c5:hb
While were on this topic...My adjustments seem to work fine, the lumbar seems a bit flakey though. I haven't extensively played with it, but I'm not sure all of the buttons are doing something. I need to check the manual to see what buttons are supposed to do what, but like I said I'm pretty sure I have one or two that don't do anything. Sooo, Where would these relay be that I should check out ?
The tilt and forward/backward functions are on a separate circuit. They all work fine.
The functions I am speaking of are the lumbar, mid-back, shoulders, and tightness. As I said earlier, I can hear the relays clicking in the seats when I press the button for each of these functions, but no adjustments are made.

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