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Stagger off idle in 1995 LT1



Just thought i would give anyone with a similar problem a heads up... I took my c4 to Chevy dealer, and 4 of the best mechanics in town and of course got diffferent answres from each of them, from O2 sensors, Optispark, Injectors, Plugs, Plug Wires, Tps sensor, And fuel filter. Noone could tell me for s ure. Well i replaced the Tps ... no go. Next was the fuel filter which is in a shagnasty location so i took her to another shop to have the fuel filter changed. Told the mechanic what i was replacing the filter for. He replied " Your problem is the egr valve" At first i thought yea right but he said Just unplug the vacum line to it.. it will correct the problem. Sure enough it did. So next day i took him a new egr valve @ $45, a new egr solenoid @ $20, Paid him $65 labor and my c4 is like new. Long story short... if you are experiencing a stagger in acceleration off of idle, Unplug the vacum to your egr valve first. It is alot cheaper than anyone of the other alternatives.
Great info.

Good mechanics that can quick diagnose a problem like that are few and far between. I hope you bought him a cold drink and gave a compliment to his manager.

I suspect EGR valves cause a great deal of the problems people encounter. We discuss them often here on the Forum as related to idle problems, hesitations, and check engine lights.

I have replaced them before using aftermarket units and never had great success. I have found the only alternative to a bad EGR is to get one right over the counter from your local AC Delco parts counter.

Thanks for the quick tech info!
Yes I have seen this very offten and have stated it here before that the first thing people should do if they have an off idle stumble is unhook the EGR to see if it goes away, then go from there it could have very easely have been an unplugged EGR solenoid they work the oppesit of what you may think no power then open powered up no vaccumn to EGR. Just glad you were ablee to get it fixed. Did you ever post here about the problem if so sorry I did not see it.

David Fulcher

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