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Stall problem???



The car-1986 coupe tuned port injection manual
The problem- The car stalls when I first take off almost like its short on fuel, than it runs fine. However its just resently started to cut out shortly after taking off. Replaced ICM.The MAF was replaced before I got the car. Checked the fuel pressure tested at 38 pounds. When I got the car it had been sitting for a couple of years and the fuel pump relay and overdrive relay were both missing replaced both those and drained the fuel put new fuel in and replaced fuel filter. It acts like its starving for fuel but once shes going it runs like a rapped ape. Could it be the TPS or MAP? Its so close to running like it should but I'm new to the Corvette scene and hoping someone out there could give some words of wisdom:) Thanks

Sorry wrong forum:bash

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