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Starting and electrical problems



I'm having some problems on my 1985 Corvette.I guess I'll start with the most important one,starting.Lately,when I go to start my car it will turn over but will not keep running.I have to keep the idle up myself,then put it in reverse and then go.If I don't keep the car moving,it'll die,but if driven RIGHT AWAY when idle is acting up say for an eight of a mile and come to a stop light it will be idling fine.It has no pattern as to when it happens,It can be when starting cold or hot,I can drive it for a while,park,then try starting it even 10 minutes later and the problem will occur.Another VERY important starting question I have deals with what I believe to be a relay in the ignition system.One day I went to start my car and all I heard was this clicking noise.I already had the information center computer out in the dash to replace a horn fuse so I could easily see what was clicking.It was this white colored box with fairly thick gauge wires running to it. I could see sparking inside when I'd try to start it so I dissconected it.I then tapped it in my hand,put it back in,cranked it over and it started right up.It hasn't done this lately,but when it does it's only like maybe once or twice a month.When it's doing it's clicking,that'swhen I have to tap that white box.Does anyone know what that box is and if they can be taken apart and cleaned because it looks like it can be easily separated.If not,does anyone know if that box is interchangeable from 84-89 c4's. I was also wondering what would be suggested to replace first in my ignition problems,cap,rotor,plugs and wires,fuel filter?The last thing I'm having a problem with is my dash lights. I know someone else is having the same problem too,so I know I'm not alone.My dash gauges all work fine,but the brightness i what is screwed up.Normally when you stat the car,the gauges light up,and that's ok,BUT when I turn my parking lights on,they don't get brighter,and nothing in the dimmer switch corrects this problem. It just gets bright and then dim,from time to time while driving. I don't know if this could be it but I recently put in a stereo and took out the old factory bose one.On the back of the factory deck,there is this one gray wire labeled as lamp. Does anyone know where I'm suppose to wire that into,because it seemed not too long after the stereo was put in,this started happening. Any help that can be given is greatly appreiciated.Thanks.


Do you have his vette for a long time, or do you bought it lately? Wat I mean, you know about the history of the vette?

If not, bring the vette to the nearest corvettegarage and have it fixed. As far I can read, this vette needs a good checkup. It will cost you a few buck, but a leased you know whats happening.

Understand this, only one thing have to go wrong and the EMC reads a lot of different thing and could give lots of errorcodes, also codes who are not there at all.

First I would do is check the airfilter and the sparkplugs.

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