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steering column on 1970 vette



i recently purchased a 1970 vette, i installed a grant steering wheel and security setup. once i installed it i realized the security feature was for non- teloscoping columns. mine is telescoping,
now the wheel can be pulled out approx 3" if tugged towards the driver. i want to take the system out and only use the grant wheel(restore the factory telescopic feature) but do not remember the order of parts, does anyone know where i can find a detailed drawing or exploded view showing the order of the parts for the original configuration?
I just finished pulling mine all apart, painting it, and putting it back together.

It is not that complicated, but has to go in order.

Let me know how far apart you have to take it for the wheel swap, and I will try to tell you how to put it back together.


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i have the whole thing back together, but with the grant parts.
i had to take all the oem stuff off down to the plastic contact pad which is held in place by three screws, i think thats the turn signal switch. the car drives right now, but there is no turn signal cancellation, horn, and the previously mentioned unrequested telescoping of the wheel. since i have to take it apart to fix it ,do you think i should take the oppourtunity to replace some of the older parts with new ones? also were you able to find a diagram anywhere to help you with the assembly,re assembly?
thank for the info
I actually took mine apart, placed everything in order, then put it back together the way I took it apart.

After I replied to your thread I started confusing myself on exactly what order I did put it back in. I know the large cup/cover went down first, then the steering wheel, then the little tele lever with that funny looking nut with that has the multiple holes drilled and threaded for the tele handle to go on. There is a horn ring holder that has three screws in it that goes on. After the horn ring, you snap the center horn cover on and that is about it.

I don't have a good diagram to share with you.

Hope that helps a little.
thanks for the assistance, i guess i get what i deserve, replacing the steering wheel and assuming everything would work first try
i have plenty of time to get it right.
once again thanks for the info, at least its a start
The Chasssis Service Manual has an exploded view of the T&T column. I have one and would be glad to fax you a copy of the diagram if that would be of help.

Welcome to CAC!!:w
thanks , i appreciate the offer, but unfortunately i dont have a fax machine,
im going to see if any of my friends have one i can "use"
once again thanks for the assistance

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