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Steering slop



I inquired a while back about the slop in the steering on my 75. Went through the steering box, then replaced the power steering control valve and still have the problem. It is not excessive but just enough to **** me off.
I called eklers after putting in the new control. They suggested it might be the pitman arm but its clearly not.
In fact I can see the same amount of play in the new steering control that the old one had. Seems to me that yo should be able to add shims or a spring to the valve to tighten it up but so far I cannot get any help on it.
Anyone out there have any suggestions on how to get rid of the slop in the front end. I cannot believe that Chevy engineered their premium sports car to have such play in the front end, By the way..the rest of the suspension system front to rear is new. Any help out there for me? Thanks in advance


Thanks very much! I will go there next. It still seems strange to me that there is so much play in the control valve linkage but the new one was no better than the one I have in.
I`ll keep trying. Thanks for your reply. Greatly appreciated!

Vettehead Mikey

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Aug 26, 2003
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How are you measuring the play in the control valve? If it's with the engine shut off (power steering pump not supplying pressure) you should have about 1/8" as normal play.

With the engine running, the play reduces to zero. Any attempted movement in the linkage causes the hydraulics to assist the steering motion.

It's a crude system by todays rack and pinion standards, but pretty good for a design from the early 60's.

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