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steering wheel insert


Toms 81.Dads

hello everyone,! need some info on the insert with the vette emblem from the steering wheel..the whole insert poped off. Is this just glued in place?? There are no other gaskets or rubber retainers. Is there any special glue or crazy glue the best. Thank You!! :confused :confused
Horn Button

I assume you are talking about the horn button emblem?
I have replaced my emblem in the horn button using "J B Weld" brand two-part epoxy (as advertised by Paul Harvey). Follow directions, clean mating surfaces very well, scuff with light sandpaper, and DO NOT use too much epoxy, It will squeeze out and be visible from the outside.

This emblem was originally held on by 3 rivets. They must be removed or have been removed in the past by someone else to get the emblem out.

Good luck,
Thanks, FASTGLASS 95...I'LL TRY HOME Depot to see if they have it. You guys and gals are great with all of the answers. Hope I can be of help someday.. Thanks again..
Another L81 :)

Toms 81.Dads,
Please check out L81VetteRegistry.

Our Caravan went past Kingman on I-40 Monday morning. Check out the Events section in the Registry :D


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